[Album] Chamillionaire - Ultimate Victory (2007)

1. “The Morning News” (produced by Kane Beatz)
2. “Hip Hop Police” featuring Slick Rick (produced by JR Rotem)
3. “Standing Ovation” (produced by Kane Beatz)
4. “Won’t Let You Down” (produced by Kane Beatz)
5. “Industry Groupie” featuring KC (produced by JR Rotem)
6. “Pimp Mode” featuring Bun B (produced by Happy Perez)
7. “Rock Star” featuring 
Lil Wayne (produced by The Beat Bullies)
8. (Skit)
9. “The Bill Collecta” featuring Krayzie Bone (produced by Play N Skillz)
10. “The Ultimate Vacation” (produced by The Beat Bullies)
11. “Come Back to the Streets” (produced by The Runners)
12. “I Think I Love You” (produced by The Beat Bullies)
13. “The Evening News” (produced by Kane Beatz)
14. “Welcome to the South” featuring Pimp C (produced by Kane Beatz)
15. “You Must Be Crazy” featuring Famous, (produced by Dave M.G.)
16. Stuck in the Ghetto (Skit) featuring Tony Henry
17. “We Breakin Up” (produced by Chops)
18. “Rocky Road” featuring Devin the Dude (produced by Happy Perez)
19. “The Ultimate Victory” (produced by Happy Perez

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