[Album] Wyclef Jean - The Carnival (1997)

01. Intro
02. Apocalypse
03. Guantanamera (featuring Celia Cruz/Jenni Fujita)
04. Pablo Diablo (Interlude) (featuring Crazy Sam/Talent)
05. Bubblegoose (featuring Melky Sedeck
06. Prelude to "To All the Girls" (Interlude)
07. To All the Girls
08. Down lo Ho (Interlude) (featuring Talent/Will)
09. Anything Can Happen
10. Gone Till November
11. Words of Wisdom (Interlude)
12. Year of the Dragon (featuring
Lauryn Hill)
13. Sang Fezi (featuring Lauryn Hill)
14. Fresh (Interlude)
15. Mona Lisa (featuring Neville Brothers)
16. Street Jeopardy (featuring John Forte/R.O.C.)
17. Killer M.C. (Interlude) (featuring Pras)
18. We Trying to Stay Alive (featuring John Forte/Pras)
19. Gunpowder - (featuring Lauryn Hill)
20. Closing Arguments (Interlude/Skit) (skit, featuring Talent/Will)
21. Enter the Carnival (Interlude)
22. Jaspora
23. Yele (featuring Lauryn Hill/Joel Servilus)
24. Carnival (featuring Sweet Mickey/Jacob Desvarieux/Jocelyn Berouard)

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